January 2022’s Best Soccer Transfers Ranked

There are a lot of football rumours going on, but the most gossips that go around are those with regards to transfers. If you’re not familiar with transfers, it’s not a different idea from moving from one place to another. In soccer, it involves losing your reputation attached in your club, to another team, where many people find controversial and either a good or bad move. In this article, you’ll go through how soccer transfer works, and the biggest transfers made in the month of January to cap it.

Soccer Transfer


Transfer in soccer is not that hard to understand. As the name suggests, the clubs get transferees from other clubs. Sometimes, both clubs make an agreement on this, but that agreement is nothing if the player who’s supposed to transfer doesn’t want to move into the other club.  In part, there’s a lot of transfer gossip that takes place regarding the clubs that announce they’re getting someone new, or when a player announces it. The idea of transferring could be hanging for the club or player until another takes it as an opportunity and contacts them.

For career purposes, transfers entail a  lot of money on them. Could you imagine millions of dollars spent on one individual’s contract? Until the player decides to sign the transfer, the latest transfer and rumours surrounding it take place in the media and especially the fans on social media. This is more true when the player or clubs who are discussing transfers are well-established or one of the top-flight teams out there.

There are three actors when a soccer transfer happens: the clubs, the agents, and the players. Clubs have a big voice when processing transfers. For the ones who propose a transfer happens, it’s more about making that shift to adapt to potential players coming into bigger arenas. In plain words, the clubs who propose transfers to their players are those who want to manage other players or seize potential players, thereby letting go other players, too. 

On the contrary, the receiving club often feels the pressure to take in the player. Yes, there’s loads of pressure tailed to the club who receives the proposal. People are only looking at that club. But for the most part, those who want to get them don’t feel the pressure of taking in the player, but the pressure is more on what they can financially offer the player to accept them.

Then we have the players, who mostly act on their individual career goals. Clubs can only voice out their concerns and persuade the player to transfer, but the player is still the one who signs the agreement clause and transfer contract in the end. But of course, negotiations also take part for players, which is why they sometimes put a price for them to sign the transfer papers.

Lastly, we have the agents. For the most part, you have agents to help clubs and players go over the process of signing contracts, making sure that everyone has a clear idea of what’s happening, and that they are consciously making the move. 

The Ranking

Now that you have a clear idea of how transfers work, here are some of the latest soccer players transfer news you should know to know all the rumours and gossip that come around in your social media feed. We’ve compiled some of the most shocking and exciting soccer transfers recorded this month of January.

  1. Dusan Vlahovic, from Fiorentina to Juventus (£75m)
Dusan Vlahovic, from Fiorentina to Juventus (£75m)

For a whopping £75 million, Juventus just acquired the ever-dominating Vlahovic from Fiorentina. As the best striker, Juve just got the perfect person to take Cristiano Ronaldo’s place in the field. The fashion just strikes for the team, and everyone is stoked to see the team fly maybe higher this time.

  1. Ferran Torres, from Man City to Barcelona (£50m)
Ferran Torres, from Man City to Barcelona (£50m)

Barcelona is one club that hasn’t gotten many transfers lately. For £50 million, the club was able to get Ferran Torres, one of the greatest players in Man City. As he comes back with a new team, everyone is looking forward to cheering him as he continues his run as centre-forward or not. 

  1. Philippe Coutinho, from Barcelona to Aston Villa (loan)
Philippe Coutinho, from Barcelona to Aston Villa (loan)

Returning to the premier league, Coutinho will have to strive to adjust and work harder than everyone else in Aston Villa to thrive once again, especially in his upcoming match against Manchester United.

  1. Robin Gosens, from Atalanta to Inter (loan)
Robin Gosens, from Atalanta to Inter (loan)

The ever-competitive Gosens just made his move from Atalanta to Inter through a loan. Bring the most shocking goals and assists so far in the world of soccer, Gosens is as powerful as ever, and everyone is looking forward to seeing him fight off against Liverpool in the coming months.

  1. Lucas Digne, from Everton to Aston Villa (£25m)
Lucas Digne, from Everton to Aston Villa (£25m)

From Everton to Aston Villa, Lucas Digne was bought for quite a high price. He had a lot of time to go out and explore other clubs the way that he would be rewarded, too. SO, he made the move. Known for being one of the best full-backs in the division, everyone is looking forward to what Digne would go about with the Villa.

  1. Anthony Martial, from Man Utd to Sevilla (loan)
Anthony Martial, from Man Utd to Sevilla (loan)

Martial didn’t have a lot to say upon signing to join Sevilla. In fact, the club offered a pay cut and a loan to acquire him. It was the sheer will that drove him to the club. Now everyone is looking forward to what he will bring to the field with Sevilla.

  1. Kieran Trippier, from Atletico Madrid to Newcastle (£12m)
Kieran Trippier, from Atletico Madrid to Newcastle (£12m)

Trippier signed out of the La Liga champions for the premier league, and for what? Many people found this transfer to be one of the weirdest moves out there, but when interviewed, Trippier told the news that it was mainly the feeling of missing his home in Northern England as well as his family there. For a good enough price, Newcastle was also able to get a powerful player on their side.

  1. Vitaliy Mykolenko, from Dynamo Kyiv to Everton (£12m)
Vitaliy Mykolenko, from Dynamo Kyiv to Everton (£12m)

In addition to Petterson, Mykolenko is looking forward to waking up the potential of Everton as it recruits both seniors like Mykolenko himself, along with those who are young in the field but still full of potential. The funny thing is that even though Mykolenko has so much senior experience to share with Everton, he’s actually only 22 years old.

  1. Chris Wood, from Burnley to Newcastle (£25m)
Chris Wood, from Burnley to Newcastle (£25m)

One of the most controversial signings, Newcastle is on its way to getting the goal for the premier league because Wood just signed to transfer to Newcastle. More than as additional manpower to the team, Newcastle also takes out a strong player from its rival, Burnley by taking in Wood. For a whopping £25 million, Wood is looking forward to furthering his football career through Newcastle.

  1. Nathan Patterson, from Rangers to Everton (£12m)
Nathan Patterson, from Rangers to Everton (£12m)

Petterson just signed the papers to transfer to Everton, and the club is looking forward to getting out of the massive stagnation that it faced. Though it was not that easy to financially acquire Petterson, everyone is seeing it as one of the best decisions that Everton had made.