Terms in Soccer Betting

Betting on sports has been around since the early civilizations. The first known sport to include bets was horse racing. But nowadays, it’s very popular to bet on soccer matches too. The proliferation of modern online sportsbooks has enabled more sports enthusiasts from all over the world to place their bets on their favourite teams online 24/7. If you would like to take advantage of this booming industry, you need to comprehend some vital terms in soccer betting.

This article aims to explain some of the most common sports betting terms. It will help you to grasp better understanding and make good decisions regarding various sports betting markets.

Terms in Soccer Betting

Betting Odds

One of the first betting terms explained here is betting odds. This betting option allows a player or a fan of a sports team to place a sports bet. Betting odds are calculated depending on Moneyline/point spread and handicap betting market. To calculate betting odds, there are several different variations, but generally, they can be calculated as decimal (1/10), fractional (1/5), or American style (even money). 

Point Spread Betting

Another betting option that needs explaining is spread betting, which means that if you’re betting against the spread, then your bets will be graded as lost or won depending on how many points your team covers the point-spread number by. If you’re betting for the spread, then they will be graded as lost or won depending on how many points your team covers the point-spread number by. If betting against spread betting, then you have to bet that either team will win or if betting against spread betting, then you need to bet that at least one of them (home/away) will lose.


A betting option for betting on a team/player who is losing by two goals or more and is expected to win. This betting option is recommended only for people with lots of betting experience because it’s very difficult to predict. 


The team/player that is expected to win the game (and therefore shown with shorter betting odds ). For example, betting team A is favourite for this game means that you are betting they will win.


Opposite of a favourite. This team is expected to lose the game, and therefore betting odds are high on them to win because it’s hard to predict an outcome with low betting odds.

Totals betting

This is a betting option where you bet on whether the total number of goals in the game will be over or under the given number. So if in a football match between teams A and B total goals scored amount was 3 in their last meeting, then betting under would mean betting on less than three goals being scored, while betting over would mean betting on more than three goals being scored.

Advance/decline bets

Advance/decline bets are betting options where you bet on whether the game will end in an advantage (betting that one side will win by two or more goals) or not. This is the opposite of regular betting, where you bet on either team to win. Betting options can be 1×2, Asian Handicap, or totals.

Double Chance Betting

This is a kind of bet where the bettors wager on two different results in a single bet. This is particularly beneficial for both beginners and seasoned gamblers because of the high success rate. Downside is this kind of bet has meagre odds compared to other riskier, more exciting ones.

Draw No Bet

In this type of a bet, a bettor gets his money back should the match end in a draw. If the team he placed a bet on wins, consequently, the bettor earns his bet based on the odds placed. It’s a safe type of bet that is very popular as the draw keeps your money in the same place as when you started. 

Full-Time Result (90 Minutes)

If a bet were placed in the Full-Time Result betting market, then it would mean that all bets are final. There’s no turning back once an outcome has been determined for either team. Penalties and overtime do not count so be sure to think about your strategy accordingly.

In this type of wager, you’re guaranteed only one result: victory or defeat after 90 minutes have passed, concluded by both halves ending simultaneously without interruption from any outside source (except ties).

Half Time/Full-Time Betting

When you place a wager on half time or full-time bets, you have to predict both of the results after each half and then hope that they’re correct in order to win the bet. You can win your bet if either outcome happens as predicted.

1×2 betting odds

These are the betting odds for betting on either team A or team B to win or that there will be a draw. There are also Asian Handicap betting odds that have their own specific betting terminologies.

For example, betting handicap 0 means betting on one side of the bet with no negative points added to the scoreline. Asian Handicap 0 is very strong and indicates that you are 100% sure about this selection. Some sportsbooks offer 3-way betting options where you can bet on both teams to win, but at different prices (but only if they win). The odds used for these types of bets are usually 2/3 x 1/1.

2-Way betting odds

These are betting odds when betting on two outcomes. For example, betting team A will beat team B means betting on either team to win, which are 1×2 betting odds. Asian Handicap betting is also a form of 2-way betting.

3-Way betting odds

Betting odds when betting on three outcomes. It can be any combination of results (for example, you can bet team A will beat team B, and the game ends in a draw). Another 3-way bet will be if you bet Team A will lose or draw against team B or if it ends up with a tie or if no goals are scored. You should take into account that this type of bet has more combinations for your betting odds, which means betting odds are smaller than betting on two outcomes, so your winnings will also be lower.

Asian Handicap betting

A betting type in which the bettor must predict whether a team will win, lose, or draw while playing with a handicap. A betting line is created according to the number of goals that each team is expected to score, and there are three different possible outcomes on which you can bet. The first outcome would be a player betting on “Team 1 +1/2.”

This article aims to explain some of the most common soccer betting terms.

In this scenario, Team 1 would need to either win by two goals or lose by one goal for your wager to be successful. The second betting outcome would be player betting on “Team 2 +1/2.” Here Team 2 needs to either win by one goal, tie or lose by one goal for the better outcome to be a success. The betting line also provides a third betting outcome, in which the player bets on “Team 1 -1/2.” In this betting scenario, Team 1 would need to either win by one goal or lose by two goals for the wager to be considered successful.

Total betting

It is the betting type in which you bet on whether both teams will combine for more / less than a specific number of total combined points (goals + assists)—for example, betting that both teams would combine for more than 2.5 combined goals or betting that both teams would combine for less than 2.5 combined goals.

Money Line

The betting term “money line” means that you are betting on a single outcome of the game with odds that do not involve betting against other outcomes.

For betting soccer, betting lines will be displayed first for games involving teams from different leagues or different countries where one team is usually home and another away. The betting lines indicate who is expected to win as well as how much they are expected to win by depending on whether it is betting against the spread or betting moneyline.

Money Line betting

A betting type where all you bet on is who will win using a ‘straight bet’ format. The house takes no vigorish from winning bets but does take some vig from losing bets. Here are some examples of money line betting odds:

– A team that has been heavily favoured in an upcoming match may have odds of -200 to win against a less fancied opponent may have +180 in order to attract betting action on the underdog.

– A team favourite for an upcoming match may be -300, and a betting odds of +250 may apply to the less fancied opponent, which means that it will cost you $30 to win $10 if your selection wins.

Money Line Parlay betting

This is a betting line where you combine two or more money line wagers to increase your chances of winning while decreasing the payout if successful. If all bets were straight wagers with even odds, then a $100 bettor would stand to win $200 if successful, but a parlay bettor stands to win only $180 because his/her wager has been combined with the other bets.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under bets work like betting against the spread and Asian handicap bets, which is basically a combination of Money Line and A bet (for action). An example is when Manchester United plays Chelsea in a soccer betting event, and the betting lines are Manchester United (-1) -101, Draw +285, and Chelsea (+1) +251.

In this betting type, a point is awarded to the underdog team each time they win a half, as well as for every goal they score in that half. The oddsmaker will determine how many points or goals he imposes for the favourite team, so that even if the underdog wins both halves, or scores multiple goals, then bets on the favourite should be placed to ensure a profit.

Prop and Total

A parlay bet with multiple parts added together, much like betting against the spread but betting teams from different leagues as opposed to betting just one team.


This is a kind of bet wherein the bettor wagers a certain outcome before the start of soccer season for future betting odds that increase or decrease, depending on how much they have been won or lost by anyone who has already placed those bets at those odds.


Instead of placing single bets, you can place more than one selection into your bet (with adjusted odds), which might involve betting specific betting lines for betting against the spread, betting a specific money line, or betting A goals.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, betting terms can be a little tricky at first to understand. When it comes to betting on soccer, you will learn very quickly that, like in any other sport or game, betting terminology is an important part of your strategy which should be well understood before placing bets.

However, knowing the betting term is not enough. You will also need to know how much money you are betting for each bet. This again will depend on how much money you have available, but it is usually a fraction of your betting bankroll, and if your first betting picks prove unsuccessful, then you should stop betting and wait for some time before trying again. You can use betting calculators or odds converters so that you do not make mistakes with arithmetic during the process of placing bets.

Knowing these terms in soccer betting will help make your venture into sports betting more educated and profitable over the long haul.

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