England's All-Time Leading Goal Scorers

Who are England’s All-Time Leading Goal Scorers?

England has a big reputation in football. In fact, they’re one of the best in Europe. But there is still competition even within the country itself. With that, which players and teams stand out from one another? 

But before we get into the rankings, you need to know a thing or two about this list. The chart features some of the best goal scorers. Yes, but you might confuse yourself when you see names from different positions. In football, almost anyone can be a goal scorer. This is a double-edged sword. Either you enjoy that or you don’t.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the list of the all-time most powerful goal scorers.

England's All-Time Leading Goal Scorers
England’s All-Time Leading Goal Scorer

Michael Owen – 40 goals

Coming at fifth is Michael Owen. He had a total of 40 goals. Although this is not a lot compared to the next four, he still has a career in the sport. We are looking forward to him adding to his rating.

Gary Lineker – 48 goals

Gary Lineker is a frequent visitor at the World Cup field. He has a total of 48 goals, with 10 of them at the World Cup. He might not be the first here, but his experience playing at the local and international levels gives it.

Bobby Charlton – 49 goals

Charlton is a legend. He had a total of 758 appearances for his old team. He also has a cap of 106 times to play for the national team. Now, he has the biggest name among midfielders. But he comes at three on this list because his goals were only 49. 

Harry Kane – 51 goals

Harry Kane is one of the fastest growing football stars! We’re not even kidding, he brought himself out of Tottenham and into the world faster than anyone. Now, England’s captain has a groundbreaking level with the same team. But groundbreaking doesn’t mean first on this list.

Wayne Rooney – 53 goals

And last and the best goal scorer so far is Wayne Rooney! With a total of 119 appearances coupled with 53 goals, he takes the throne. But more than that, he also brought four goals in Euro 2004 and played at three World Cups. He also has 13 years playing in international leagues, as of today.

There you have it! The five all-time icons in goal scoring. For next year, we will see how these players do and whether those on here will still be here.

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