What Became of Atletico Madrid?

Atletico Madrid used to be allergic to losing and failing. If there’s a name that someone would not forget for being a dinosaur, it’s Atletico Madrid. However, there have been problems circulating around the team which resulted in it failing a couple of times before climbing back up again in the field. No one really knew until the team started losing more and more.

As a team that never missed out on making sure they qualify for the Champions League, it was very difficult for fans to see how the team has been struggling to keep up with the intensity of every match they have. It’s totally no joke since the difference between how the team has been playing now from before is very different and far.

Back in December, Atletico Madrid lost in all of its league matches. They were also taken a seat from the top four of the La Liga by their opponents. It was a total tragedy, especially for a team once revered by their opponents, now facing a lot of problems with how they deliver their performance. The worse thing is that no one really knows why this was the case for Atletico Madrid.

For a team who used to be away from losing, whatever happened to Atletico Madrid? For sure, there are quite a few reasons for why this was the case, but also there’s quite a disparity between how the players and the whole team has been acting up, which this blog aims to take and explain.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid has been a staple to the championships of the La Liga and the Champions League. The squad, tactics, and team dynamics overall have been of great help to the team in achieving all of the things it has today, as well as building itself to be one of the most powerful teams in the world.

Atletico Madrid has been a staple to the championships of the La Liga and the Champions League.

The team is also known for the strong players they have, which don’t clash with each others’ interests. In simple terms, it means that while all the players in Atletico Madrid are great on their own, they try to keep the teamwork behind their wins as visible as possible and the team known for how complementary each member of the team are for one another.

Another thing about the former success of the team has to do with how they incorporate dynamic and different tactics for every match they have. That way, their opponents can’t expect that they’ll do away with one tactic per match they have. Considering how they have a pool of great players, taking more ideas for strategy has brought a lot of help for the team.

Lastly, there is the thing about the team’s sustainability practices. Though their first-tier lineup consists of powerful players, Atletico Madrid makes sure that they put substitutes in rounds where they have a clear win, so they can expose them to the field and also build them up in case substitutes are needed.

Waiting to lose before playing

The problem that mostly happens to the team is being too lax knowing that they’ve won against most of the teams they’re still playing within matches. The lack of hindsight and reflection that these teams might have gotten better than before lacks in the team. Now, the team faces the need for change to happen, and it’s been really hard.

But also, more and more players got injured and couldn’t play in their following matches. For instance, Rodrigo de Paul who just signed in summer to the team suddenly fell off a cliff and what badly injured, thus couldn’t play.

Then there’s Luis Suarez who incurred a goal against Barcelona but still needs more training to de-rust. Lastly, Mario Hermoso also got embarrassed by Adama Traore which affected his gameplay. And who could forget the passing of Gabi and Godin, who were key to the wins of the Atletico Madrid? 

Atletico Madrid’s problems with the substitutes are not such a problem because of how they try to make impactful substitutes, but the situation with their attitudes staying in the feeling that they are better than everyone else is the problem that Stefan Savic wants to fix.


Power does corrupt, and when it does, it usually results in one’s holder of power’s downfall. The same can be said about Atletico Madrid’s drought in their performance in their matches. Since they thought that they were very powerful to be more dynamic, plus the lack of enough manpower to get them going, they became very vulnerable to having their egos crushed.

Now the teams need something to cheer themselves on and go back to the field. It’s going to be hard especially with the problem with pride, but nothing is impossible. Many are hoping for a powerful comeback nonetheless.