The richest footballer in the world

The Richest Footballers in the World – Listed!

Is there anyone richer than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? What about Neymar?

For over a decade, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated the footballing landscape in Europe. Both players, who are both employed by two European powerhouses in Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, unsurprisingly rank among the world’s highest-paid athletes.

The highest-paid athlete in the world, according to Forbes, was Lionel Messi, who earned $130 million before taxes last year. Ronaldo comes third, with earnings of $115 million, behind Messi and NBA star LeBron James – who earned $121.2 million ($102m).

Neymar, who is the world’s most expensive footballer after his €222 million move from Barcelona to PSG in 2017, rounds out the top five with earnings of $105 million.

Meanwhile, Messi’s PSG teammate Neymar is in fourth place with earnings of around $95 million. These are the only three footballers to make it into the top 10 list. Is Messi, then, the wealthiest player on the planet?

How do footballers become rich in the sport?

There are a variety of ways that footballers can become rich in the sport. Some players are able to command high salaries from their club teams, while others may earn income through endorsements and other business ventures. However, the most common way that footballers become wealthy is by winning trophies and titles with their team. Success on the field often leads to financial rewards for the players.

Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar are widely considered to be three of the richest footballers in the world. All three players have earned massive salaries from their club teams, and they also boast numerous endorsement deals. In addition, Ronaldo and Messi have both won a host of trophies and individual awards during their careers. Neymar, meanwhile, is still in the early stages of his career, but he has already shown tremendous promise on the field.

So, who is the richest footballer in the world? It is difficult to say definitively, as there are a number of ways to measure wealth. However, based on their salaries, endorsements, and trophy collections, Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar are all likely candidates for the title.

The richest footballer in the world

Who is the richest footballer in the world?

Faiq Bolkiah

The Brunei nation team’s skipper is a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world. His father, Prince Jefri Bolkiah, is the Prince of Brunei and his uncle Sultan Hassanal is the country’s king.

The academies of Southampton, Chelsea, and Leicester City moulded his early years. However, in 2020, after failing to break into the first team at Premier League clubs, he joined Maritimo in Portugal. He spent a year with Chonburi in Thailand before signing for Bangkok United. He has made 14 appearances and provided four assists in the Thai league.

Mathieu Flamini

The Frenchman is an example of a footballer who has managed to parlay his footballing earnings into a successful business venture. He is the co-founder of GF Biochemicals, which is the world’s leading producer of levulinic acid. The company was valued at $1.8 billion in 2018.

Flamini started his career at Marseille before moving to Arsenal in 2004. He spent nine years with the Gunners, making over 200 appearances. He then had a brief spell with AC Milan before returning to England to join Crystal Palace in 2017. He announced his retirement from football in 2019.

Michael Owen

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker has had a successful career in horse racing since hanging up his boots. He is the co-owner of Manor House Stables, which has enjoyed considerable success. In 2019, the stable had its best-ever year with 61 winners.

Owen started his career at Liverpool before moving to Real Madrid in 2004. He spent three years in Spain before returning to England to join Newcastle United. He had a spell with Manchester United before retiring in 2013.

Since retiring, Owen has become a regular pundit on television and has also written a column for The Times newspaper.

Oleguer Presas

The former Barcelona defender is now a successful businessman. He is the co-founder of the online fashion retailer Mango. The company was founded in 1984 and now has over 2,200 stores in 109 countries.

Presas started his career at Barcelona before moving to Ajax in 2007. He spent two years in the Netherlands before returning to Spain to join Levante. He retired from football in 2016 and now works as a pundit on television.

So there you have it, three footballers who are now among the richest people in the world. While they may not have the same wealth as Ronaldo or Messi, they have certainly done well for themselves.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese is not just a legend of the game, but also a business tycoon. He has sponsorship deals with Nike, ZTE, KFC, Samsung and many other multinational brands. He also has his own line of CR7 merchandise, which includes underwear, shoes and perfume.

Ronaldo’s annual salary and bonuses from Juventus are $64 million. In 2017, Forbes ranked him as the world’s second highest-paid athlete with earnings of $93 million.

He owns properties in Portugal, Spain, Italy and the United States. His car collection includes a Bugatti Chiron, a Bentley Continental GT, an Audi R8, a Ferrari F12tdf and a Lamborghini Aventador.

Lionel Messi

The Argentinian is the world’s highest-paid footballer according to Forbes. He earned $127 million in 2020, including $92 million from salary and bonuses and $35 million from endorsement deals.

He has had a long-standing sponsorship deal with Adidas and also has deals with Gatorade, Huawei, Mastercard and Pepsi.

Messi owns a number of properties in his native Argentina, as well as in Spain and the United States. He also has a collection of luxury cars, which includes a Ferrari, an Audi R8 and a Bentley Continental GT.

David Beckham

The England international might have retired from the sport quite some time ago, but he continues to be a global superstar. He is the co-owner of MLS side Inter Miami and continues to be the brand ambassador of H&M, Adidas, Diageo, and L’Oreal, to name a few.

Beckham‘s annual earnings stand at $51 million. In 2013, Forbes ranked him as the world’s highest-paid footballer with earnings of $75 million.

He has a number of properties all over the world, including a luxury apartment in London, an estate in the Cotswolds and a villa in Miami. His car collection includes a Bentley, a Range Rover, a Cadillac Escalade and an Audi R8.


So there you have it, the richest footballers in the world! It’s quite something to see how much these athletes are worth, and it just goes to show how lucrative the sport can be.

Who knows, in a few years time there could be a whole new list of names at the top! For now though, these are the richest footballers in the world. Do you think any of them will be able to maintain their place on the list? Let us know in the comments!