The Future for SC East Bengal: Will They Ever Break The Glass Ceiling?

Just recently in the latest Indian Super League, SC East Bengal has been having problems with taking a win. The score they had before losing the winning chance was getting sic (6) wins out of 11 matches. But sadly, they didn’t come through.

They also lost their position from the winning category, and this year’s ISL is not the first time it happened. The numerous times that they have been having problems with their gameplay, no matter how small the difference is, is apparently due to many factors, which this blog article will tackle later on.

SC East Bengal is one of the best teams out there before.

But of course, there’s more to what meets the eye, more so what we read. One can say that as much as we see external problems taking place, more so do we see the internal problems going on that hinder the whole of East Bengal from improving, thus their very stagnant and bad position as of now.

If there’s one thing that you should know about SC East Bengal, it’s that it’s not as overshadowed by many teams as it is right now before. The story of how East Bengal became what it goes a long way, and many people still hold on to the team’s improvement, considering that they are fixing their lineups and getting imports. Will they ever break the glass ceiling?

Former glory

SC East Bengal is one of the best teams out there before. With a strong lineup whenever the Indian Super League (ISL) comes, East Bengal goes hand in hand with Goa and other powerful teams in the whole of India. One thing that allows them to be that strong and capable is the investors they get which help them get the resources they need.

Would you imagine that the stronghold they had before would turn into something that will take them down, too? The same thing happened with East Bengal when their resources turned their backs on them.

Instability in the team

Last year, SCEast Bengal sold 76% of its stake to a cement company, Shree Cement. This is something that not everyone knows yet but is an important factor to know why the team’s performance went downhill despite being named as India’s Real Madrid. The reason mostly revolves around the dissatisfaction of the corporation with the team’s prospects.

For one, the acquisition of the 76% stake of Shree Cement was at a time when COVID-19 hit India badly, which resulted in no return-on-investment (ROI) for the investor. This factor prompted the company to not publicly disclose the acquisition, but also create problems for the team, with regards to who will back them up.

This very problem caused the players to experience immense measures dealing with mental and emotional problems caused by the agreement. The company put terms that the team didn’t agree with, and they had no choice but to swallow what the company was willing to give. Shree Cement wanted to leave East Bengal, but it isn’t leaving without the money it invested in the team back. This was also the case for their former company partner, Quess Corp, whom they did not end with having good terms.

Like an abandoned child, East Bengal goes with one person to another. But COVID-19 made it hard for them to create revenue for the investors they get, which leads to the investor thinking it’s much better to leave the agreement and move on, which surfaces to the players and how they are valued.


There’s an adage that says everyone changes, and this is most certainly true in the field of soccer. East Bengal always has the chance to improve, and it is no different from other teams. The stakes are getting better with imports that the team has and the resources that the team can potentially get.

What was once a powerful team in the Indian Super League turned out to be overshadowed by its many problems, not to mention some emotional and social clashes that the players had with other teams and their upper management. These are things that go beyond the field, but greatly affect the players and the whole club. 

Nonetheless, things are going to be better and the players are yet to recuperate their mental health to continue. Rivera, the somewhat new lead for the team, has high hopes that everything will soon go in favor of East Bengal. The focus he will put is lifting the spirits of the players up again.

Breaking the glass ceiling is not always about achieving things. It’s sometimes about fixing the problems and starting over again. For East Bengal, that was the case, and the fans are sticking to them, knowing that they will be better and in no time redeem their prestigious glory, as well as go beyond it.