Richarlison Mentions Everton's Lack of Ambition for Moving to Spurs

Richarlison Mentions Everton’s Lack of Ambition for Moving to Spurs

Richarlison is one of those players who made the move for better opportunities. Aside from the big money move to Spurs, he mentions his part team. And it didn’t come off well. Richarlison says Everton is lacking ambition. It doesn’t want to go further, which became a problem for him.

After four years, Richarlison made the brave decision to leave Everton. He then joined Antonio Conte’s Tottenham Spurs. And it was easy for Richarlison. Conte knew him since his time at Everton. In fact, it seemed like he was one of the strongest players there.

Let’s look at the bigger picture of this bitter move from Richarlison.

What Richarlison had to say

The player mentions that he’s grateful to have been there. He also said that he learned a lot. Moreover, Everton made him grow and know most of the things he knows today. 


But Richarlison didn’t make the farewell, only a positive one. He mentioned that he had to leave because of Everton’s lack of ambition. For a team, this is one of the most hurtful things a player could say. He mentioned that Everton competes, but never aims higher to win trophies and matches. He attested in his four years of stay that Everton still had a long way to go. 

And this symptom to be better than Everton’s self is not yet there. So, he’ll never grow more and will stay stagnant if he doesn’t leave. 

How did fans react? The fans understood him. There was only a small number of fans who took it in a bad manner. They said he was ungrateful and that what Richarlison said was unnecessary. But most people saw where he came through.

Moving forward with the Spurs

Now that Richarlison is with the Spurs, he says he’s having fun. There’s more passion, ambition, and pressure. It’s a double-edged sword, but one that’s more positive for him.

Richarlison is now on the bench. Conte will have to train him more before he can go to the field. And the player is all up for the challenge.
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