Premier League: Top Scorers and Players

If there’s anything that’s heart-throbbing about playing football, it’s when the players strive to get that goal. But goal-scoring is one that is not too easy to achieve as well. You can think of the many ways that this speaks volumes, and you know that there are rounds that take place with no team making a goal, i.e a draw.

Scoring goals is not limited to strikers, only. While it’s in their function to get their team goals, it’s not something that they can do solely by themselves. Sometimes, when the situation begs it, then someone else from the team can take the scoring and get the ball into the goal.

The Premier League, which is a prestigious event, just took place, and people are counting on their hands to see which players took it over one another. If a player makes a goal there, it’s not just any goal, but one that is bound to keep everyone’s feet off the ground.

In this article, we’re going to cover the players who made the most goals in the whole of the Premier League, enumerating who they are and what has been their great contribution to get that. If you think that it’s going to be the same strikers or superpowers you’ve gone through before, then this article might get your head to turn around. After all, the Premier League can be as random as much as you want.

Goal Scoring

Goal scoring is when the team is able to make a goal in a football match. The general idea is that if the team is able to bring the ball across the goal line, then that’s a score for them. Of course, while this is true, there needs to be a better explanation and fleshing out of what we mean by goals and when one team earns a score out of it.

It doesn’t matter a lot how a team gets to the goal, as long as they make it. But there are different ways for the team to get the goal. The first is through progressing to pass the ball up to the person closest to the football line. The second is passing and running through until the striker is ready to take it across the goal line. There’s also the scenario where the strike walks on their own and scores the goal for the team by their own effort and walk. There are quite many ways to get around goals.

If ever the goalkeeper, or the player who guards the goal line, takes the ball before it passes through the line, then the goal is not awarded to the team who attempted to kick it through. But if it so happens that the goalkeeper kicks the ball and it lends to the opponent’s goal line, then it becomes a kickball, which is a goal awarded by that specific scenario.

Now that you know what a goal essentially is and how teams work for it, it’s time that you go through the Premier League and the people behind the numerous and outstanding goals throughout the competition. Ready your imaginary seatbelt, because they’re here.

The Players 

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – 16 goals

Mohamed Salah - Liverpool

Mohamed Salah takes the second in assists and the whopping top place in goals. Being the most productive player among the squad of Liverpool, taking in a total of 12 goals this Premier League. Salah is one that likes to target as many championships and trophies for his team and himself as much as possible. This makes him the Golden Boot winner of the Premier League and is gearing up Liverpool for the championship.

Diogo Jota – Liverpool – 12 goals

Diogo Jota - Liverpool

Another one from Liverpool, we have Diogo Jota coming second with 12 goals. He is now a constant threat to Roberto Firmino as he becomes quite a goal machine for Liverpool. But things are only getting better because the Portuguese player is only making a comeback after incurring an injury.

Heung-min Son – Tottenham – 9 goals

Heung-min Son took nine (9) goals this Premier League 2021-2022.  Though last time, he finished with a total of 17 goals, Son is taking this tournament as an opportunity to have a call to get better and get another marginal difference from his total goals this time. Still, Son is nothing too short of being an achiever.

Heung-min Son - Tottenham

Jamie Vardy – Leicester City – 9 goals

Jamie Vardy - Leicester City

You wouldn’t believe it, but Vardy is already in his mid-thirties, yet he is still making a name for Leicester City, as well as for himself, taking nine (9) goals for the team again. He is very much happy to continue leading Leicester City to the championships as he strives for more achievements in his coming matches.

Michail Antonio – West Ham – 8 goals

Michail Antonio - West Ham

Last but definitely not least, Michail Antonio takes eight (8) goals in the Premier League to West Ham. The attacker hopes to continue his streak, if not better it compared to his number of goals from previous tournaments.