Premier League: Highest Assists

More than the fantastic goals, we should look at the assists that have been made in one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world–the Premier League. The Premier League is a hotspot for the most dominant teams and countries to play in. Getting an appearance in the competition can grant a player celebrity status, and is added to their robust CV as a football player.

Teams boost their number of assists which apply to their players. An assist is something that is also counted and is sometimes the core function of some of the positions in a field game. Since making a goal is harder than one can ever think of, assists are fairly easier to do but is also hard to be counted when a goal has been done.

Of course, you want to know the debaters who made such an impact in the whole of the Premier League, that they were met with the loudest and most boisterous cheers from the fans for garnering the highest number of assists. In this article, we’re going to go over the players who had the highest number of assists throughout the Premier League 2021-2022. If you want to know more, then stick around reading below.

Assists in football

Before we delve into the players who have gotten the highest assists, we need to first understand what we mean by getting an assist, and what essentially counts as one. In the simplest definition, an assist is one that takes place when the player touches the ball before having their teammate score the goal.

Another thing to consider is that most of the time assists are unintentional, but sometimes, they become intentional. For instance, if the player touches the ball before the player who scores takes a goal may have touched the ball, which counts as an unintentional touch, but one that will happen for the player because they’re there, which may be part of the team’s strategy.

What doesn’t count as an assist? Well, there are many of these instances, too. Corner goals and penalties, along with free kicks and own goals themselves do not count towards an assist. If you’re still a bit confused, you should be able to remember two things that make up for an assist. One, as long as there was a touch from the teammate, and it scored a goal, then they will be awarded an assist. Conversely, there are specific scenarios that don’t award them an assist.

There are also two metrics for determining an assist: chances created and key passes. From the words themselves, the former refers to a sudden and spontaneous chance that the player awarded the assist takes and touches the ball, usually unintentionally, to further the team’s goal. On the other hand, a key pass refers to the touching of the ball but one that is part of the strategy. So, key passes done in a match do not get any assist status.

The players who had the most assists in the PL

Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool – 10 assists

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Liverpool

Trent is not only a great assist, but he has just been named as the greatest right-back in the world. If there’s a threat that everyone looks to whenever seeing Liverpool as their opponent, it’s Trent. He might not have gotten the goal for his name, but the process with which it happens greatly derives from his efforts.

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – 9 assists

Mohamed Salah - Liverpool

Liverpool’s great attacker, Mohamed Salah, is not one to joke when it comes to taking assists for the team. He has contributed only five (5) assists last Premier League, but he added four this time, garnering a total of nine (9) assists throughout the whole Premier League.

Andy Robertson – Liverpool – 8 assists

Andy Robertson - Liverpool

If there’s anyone known for taking all the opportunities at hand in the field, there’s no other hand Andy Robertson that fits the criteria. Robertson has been sweeping all the assist positions he can take, therefore getting a total of eight (8) assists for the entire tournament.

Jarrod Bowen – West Ham – 7 assists

Jarrod Bowen - West Ham

The attacker of West Ham, Jarrod Bowen, took it to the next level this Premier League taking seven (7) assists for his team. There is not much surprise to his performance, since Bowen has been actively known as one of the strongest players for West Ham, as well as a great threat to their rival teams.

Paul Pogba – Man Utd – 7 assists

Paul Pogba - Man Utd

Paul Pogba is not someone who used to have a good record, but over the years, he is getting back to his feet to reclaim his name under manchester United. In the Premier League 2021-2022, Pogba made it to the ranks, garnering a total of seven (7) assists, all the more proving his reach and worth to the team and the whole tournament.