MLS Cup 2022

MLS Cup 2022: Which Teams Will Make It to the Playoffs?

The MLS Cup started, and everyone is looking forward to the 14 playoff teams. Football is always a hot mess, but the Major League Soccer Cup (MLS Cup) is a different kind. But first, let’s go over what the MLS Cup is.

It’s surreal but the whole world is watching. The MLS Cup is a premier football competition based in the West. It follows a single-elimination where only one team takes it all. But most enthusiasts think getting into the playoffs is already a crucial thing.

Every team and player waited for this. They trained so hard to make it to the playoffs. But of course, not all teams stand on the same ground. So, we rank our predictions on every team out there. 

As we place our bets for the teams who’ll make it to the playoffs, we’re going to place our predictions. Are you ready? Let’s get into the list!


Let’s be real here. NYFC won the title last year and it’s possible for them to win it again this time. But of course, that only gives them a good advantage as the past winners. Catellanos left with all his contributions also down the drain. This will be quite a challenge for NYFC, but they still have a lot of good players. 

They can win again this time, but not as easy as they can make it out to be. Let’s hope they become strategic at least.

2. Montreal CF

It wasn’t a great start for Montreal CF, but they actually have a good shot this time. The thing about Montreal is that they don’t have any high-profile players. But they have ex-players in the Premier League and some more veterans in the MLS Cup.

Although this is more of a case about money and funding, Montreal can push through. But it would have to make them feel like an underdog this season.

3. Austin FC

Another one is Austin FC. They’re climbing up the ranks faster than any team, now in the MLS Cup. And the player that makes it most possible for them to win is Sebastian Driussi. He’s one of the best players in the MLS and already holds an MVP title. But more so, Austin FC has a lot of great names on its list. 

MLS Cup 2022

They have pure talent. What would make them win is whether those talents could coordinate better. And there’s still some shadow of doubt. But all things remain in favor of the team.

So, there you have it! These are our top three teams that will go to the MLS playoffs. We based it off of their performance before to the changes they made for this season. Of course, the MLS Cup will remain a great chaos to have every once in a while. If you’re looking to bet on some of them, make sure you still watch them throughout.
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