Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Retires Because of Poor Heart Health

Sergio Aguero Retires Due To Poor Health

Just earlier, Manchester City’s striker, Sergio Aguero announced his sudden retirement from the soccer field due to a health problem related to the heart that only escalated to the level that does not enable him to play anymore. The announcement was not by himself only, but one that has to do with a long due process including Manchester City.

Aguero wasn’t one to believe that his heart ailment would result in anything worse like taking his career off of him. It let him play rounds prior to the announcement, but the problem was Aguero did not take into consideration that a heart problem is a heart problem nonetheless.

More than that, Aguero was also forced by Manchester City to retire regardless because his health problem takes a serious toll on him. After 18 years of playing, Aguero is moved to retire due to the diagnosis given that forces him to quit playing. The first time he went through such a problem was when he was met with a calf injury that allowed him to have a limited appearance for the club until the diagnosis happened.

Going forward, Aguero is still looking forward to supporting Manchester City along the way, and the football club has just recruited Alvarez, a good friend of Aguero to take his place in line-ups.

Sergio Aguero

Also known as Kun Aguero, the striker is very well-known in Argentina and the world. He has settled as a player for Manchester City for a decade before his announcement about retirement. He also has a record of being the youngest player not only for Manchester City but also in major tournaments like the Premier League.

Hee has played in won in different major tournaments, too, like the UEFA Europa and Super Cup, the Argentine Primera División, La Liga, and Don Balon among many other major leagues. He has been named the Golden Boy and World Soccer Young Player of the Year.

He is also one of the players who signed contracts for the highest amounts ever. His move to Manchester City in 2011 was £35 million. His previous moves, like to Atlético Madrid amounted to €23 million. He is still in Manchester City, continuing his legacy as the team’s top goalscorer and more, but all of it moved past when he retired.

Heart ailments

His health did not only falter but severed. After the diagnosis, he was said to have a severe heart problem which will disable him from playing ever again. He immediately went to the hospital to get diagnosed.

On Twitch, the former player said his grievances with the whole process of finding out the severity of his health situation. He said that the first 15 days were horrendous, and he was forced to go to a small room that had so many mechanisms to monitor him throughout his stay.

He was nervous before the results came out, and he knew that the results would not be of any help to him, but he didn’t know that it would go to an extent that he would be forced to leave his professional career. But it had to be done, or else his only chance in life will also be taken away from him.

The striker, finally, said that he had already gone through surgery after knowing the results. The doctors put a chip in him that lets him monitor how his heart is doing at all times. He can’t make so many mistakes as it would not result in anything good.

Alvarez as replacement

Aguero is also looking forward to having Alvarez replace him as forward and striker in matches for Manchester City. He says that he is a good friend and that the whole team will learn a lot from him, as well as him learning a lot from the team.

Being an Argentinian attacker too, Alvarez from River Plate moved to Manchester for $18 million. Alvarez will remain with River Plate until summer, until he moves to Manchester, his new team. While Alvarez is a pricy player, Aguero thinks that he will be able to bring a lot to the table for Manchester FC anyway.

But more than that, Aguero also thinks that Alvarez is an edgy player, with a heart for attacking and striking, but Guardiola is not fond of strikers, so Aguero thinks where Alvarez would fit, though the winger and second forward positions are always available for him to play.

The question of Manchester FC ever making it is one that doesn’t need much thinking–they will still make it. But we see another passionate and powerful player retire due to health problems that only got bigger over time. Aguero says that taking this decision is something he won’t regret because it’s putting himself first.