Manchester City vs. Liverpool: Is The Gap Too Big?

Liverpool’s full-back player, Andrew Robertson mentions how their team is not yet comparatively up against Manchester City. This feeling of being behind Manchester is not unfounded nor is it invalid. Against the Citizens, Liverpool only had one win and a draw out of ten meetings till now.

In their last encounter against Manchester City in February this year, Liverpool lost 0-1 at the Etihad Stadium. In that match, Joe Gomez was substituted due to injury after just half an hour from play. Now he is back with the team and available for selection alongside his compatriot, Andy Robertson.

Andy says: “I know how good a team they are”. But there were no inhibitions as he went on to describe how strong their own side was going into this coming match. He also added how it will be important not to pay too much attention to what others say about their chances in this current campaign. Liverpool’s win against Leicester should be taken as it is and even celebrated. This coming match, Liverpool will be looking for a victory, no matter how it comes.

In this match against Manchester City, Klopp has brought in Joe Gomez back from injury and Adam Lallana looks fit. This gives room to some other players who have been playing consistently well but have not played much recently due to being on the bench. The only doubt that remains is of Phillipe Coutinho’s fitness as he has just returned from a one-month trip to Brazil after his father passed away.4

Liverpool’s last five matches have now reached the finals. First, they won against Burnley, then it was Arsenal which Liverpool beat 2-0 away from home at their own Emirates. Then came Leicester City whom Liverpool annihilated with a win of 4-1. Next up Tottenham drew level on points with no goals scored in both ends, and now comes Manchester City where Liverpool will need to the most out of the rest of their season.

Manchester City is placed first on the Premier League table with 21 wins and 5 draws just like Liverpool but with a better goal difference that is +32 compared to +27 for Liverpool. Further, if City wins against Liverpool, then they will be ahead of them by at least three points.

Although Manchester City is going through a good run right now, all their victories have been against teams that are not looking as though they might even qualify for Europa Cup football next season. 

Manchester and Liverpool

There is a huge gap between Manchester and Liverpool City, and Robertson is right about not seeing the continuous thriving of Liverpool as somewhat comparable to Manchester City, objectively speaking. The gap is particularly visible in the number of points earned. Manchester City has earned four more points than Liverpool.

Manchester City is, by far, the best team this year, and it seems that no one can possibly catch up with Pep Guardiola’s squad except for Atlético Madrid, who are only two points away from Manchester City which means that if Atlético keeps their performance stable till the end of the season, they will be able to fight for the first position.

There is a huge gap between Manchester and Liverpool City

The distance between other teams and Manchester City is huge enough to depict a future where Pep Guardiola’s squad wins the English League once again this year without any difficulty. The distance between other teams and Manchester city is vast enough to show that there are hardly any contenders for second place.

Although the gap between second to first place is huge, Liverpool still manages to rank above Leicester. Although the gap between Liverpool and Leicester is not as significant as that between Manchester City and Liverpool, it is safe to say that this year’s Premier League title will end up in either Manchester City or Liverpool, among many others secondly.

This article is all about the gap between two teams, and how fate will decide who wins. Although it can be said that another team like Chelsea or Arsenal may cause an upset in the future, there are no arguments to back up such possibilities since not once has Manchester City or Liverpool caused each other to make slip-ups; at least not enough for Leicester or Tottenham Hotspur to take advantage of them.

Although this year’s Premier League title race seems like a one-horse race, even if Liverpool comes second (with more points than Arsenal), they should not think of themselves as being on par with either Manchester City or Chelsea, because the difference in points is just too significant for anyone else but either of these two teams to have many chances at.

The Gap

So does the gap exist between Manchester and Liverpool? If so, what should the team do to survive and thrive even at the hands of Manchester City? Whether you believe that the gap exists or not, one thing remains clear: Liverpool needs to keep braving through the waves.