League to Anticipate: What to Expect in the Arnold Clark Cup 2022

This year, England will be hosting the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 from February 17 onwards. It is an all-women’s football competition that is going to be held this month at its first. Fans are excited and there is a great wave of support for the event because of how it’s for women.

There are many reports with regards to how the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 will go such as Canada bringing 23 players to play throughout, which is quite the first time it happened in the said cup. There’s also a full roster among England, the host country itself, Germany, and Spain as strategies to make the most out of the competition.

The event will take place at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium, Carrow Road Norwich, and Wolverhampton’s historic Molineux Stadium. The competition will also last for a total of three days, with six matches prepared for every team. The style for the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 is a round-robin style, wherein the teams can win three (3) points for every win, a point (1) for a draw, and none (0) for losing.

The tickets for the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 are on sale online and offline. Do consider travel requirements, especially with the ongoing virus the world faces right now, to not go over any delay or problems once you are there. Also, only check up on official websites for the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 to make sure you don’t get scammed if ever you want to buy tickets.

Arnold Clark Cup

You might be new to the competition, and that’s completely fine because the Arnold Clark Cup is indeed a new competition. For enthusiasts, they see the competition as a young and ideal platform to prepare for major and international leagues around the world for players. And as mentioned, countries like the UK, Germany, and Spain are all looking forward to playing in the competition.

One crucial piece of information about this competition is that only the top ten (10) teams in the world will be invited to play six matches in three days. It means that the event will solely focus on the amazing participants it has for the days it will be ongoing. It is then a quality event for the fans who want to get more out of their buck.

The Arnold Clark Cup is an all-women’s football competition.

It is a women’s football competition. Yes, you heard it right, only women will be playing in this event for as long as it will continue to be there. This only shows how more spaces for women in the field of football are coming up and giving avenues for women to be great at football sports. Very, very nice to see what ore the Arnold Clark Cup will bring in the future, though it seems great right now.


For the schedule, it isn’t as complicated as you might think, because luckily enough, there are a good amount of spaces for the three-day tournament happening. The first day takes place at the opening ceremony, February 17 2022. Then the second day takes place on February 20, whilst the last takes place on February 23. Here is the full schedule below:

On February 17, two rounds will take place. Germany will be battling it off with Spain at 2.30 pm IST. Then three hours later, at 5.30 pm IST, England and Canada will play. 

On February 20, England goes back first to play with Spain at 3.15 pm IST. Then Canada versus Germany at 8.15 pm IST on the same day. 

Lastly, on February 23, Spain and Canada battle at 2.30 pm IST, followed by England versus Germany at 7.30 pm IST.

All the rounds can be streamed and viewed through ITV and ITV4, which are under the same company. If you don’t want to miss it, then make sure that you’ve already marked these dates and noted the times for this event.

Current news about the Arnold Clark Cup 2022

Before ending the article, you should know some news circulating about the upcoming tournament. The first one is that Canada will be coming with a stronger hold in its squad, taking in full-back Ashley Lawrence and centre-back Vanessa Gilles to play for the team. However, Christine Sinclair will not be coming to this competition because of issues with the schedule.

European countries, England, Germany, and Spain are yet to release their squad and updates about their lineup and strategy for the Arnold Clark Cup 2022 because of how they’ve been taking the time to really think out who should go.

The Arnold Clark Cup this year is bound to bring the best matches that we’ll be keeping in touch with throughout the time that the teams who were invited, and the countries as a whole will spend there.