Is India set to become the Asian football power?

The Next Asian Football Power? India Sights The Status

India is on fire. After being recorded as part of the Top 20 football teams in the whole of Asia, India has been doing very well in terms of improving its players, sustaining and furthering the growth of the Indian Super League, as well as making sure there’s continuity among the players they have.

The increase in media coverage for the ISL, which is becoming more of an international major soccer league is astounding. Indian fans also make up for the gravity that each Indian football club’s fanbase has. Fans and officials are thinking about making the ISL far longer to match with the European leagues, as well as gaining a lot more profit. This was until the COVID-19 pandemic, which made them regress in doing so.

As the case for India gets better and better, there are still many questions aside from the pandemic affecting how players train and interact with each other and with international clubs. The impacts of the ISL didn’t go down and even bred many more players to be part of one of the strongest teams in the country.

What exactly does it mean to be an Asian football power? What stakes is India looking at, and how will they be able to do this and achieve the top spot? If you want to learn more, then stick around.

Asian football power

India’s progress is one of the fastest in the world. There’s no doubt that the secret ingredients you need to be one of the most progressive countries in the field of soccer are to make sure that you have your people attracted to the sports itself and a major league the world is interested in. 

The Indian Super League is the league we’re talking about. Ever since it got bought by the Bollywood stars, traction has been the only thing it is getting. And as investments start coming outside of the said entertainment industry and from other sponsorships, attention only got bigger that foreign players are even playing in the Indian Super League.

More than that, the younger players who have had the chance to play on better infrastructure just shows how immediate this Asian football power title can be achieved by a country like India. Talks on younger players who have great potential are coming around on social media platforms as well as traditional media, which the average Indian soccer enthusiast is always looking forward to seeing.

The country’s goal is to be part of the Top 10, then get the top spot. As the competition rises, there becomes a need for India to keep pushing forward all the barriers presented to them because it gets tougher to rank higher from the current spot.

India’s problems

Of course, India is no stranger to having internal problems that only Indian players experience. While the Indian Super League has been gaining enough traction to get a big revenue to trickle down to the Indian football players, there are still a lot of things that need to be considered.

The first has to do with infrastructure. Though there are efforts to build more and more infrastructure, the truth is that there is not so much around. In fact, there’s great controversy about where these funds get funneled to–which is implying that it only gets to the superstars in the field of Indian soccer. 

This scenario could mean many things: One, fans believe that high popularity for a player means a high potential for them, and since the major leagues would only want to show who the audience wants to see, there is prejudice in how the benefits will flow. Two, you can say that infrastructures are being built, but the quality and range of the infrastructure are in question.  Places like Goa don’t get enough resources to battle-cry their competitiveness in soccer, because they can only have enough infrastructure when they’re playing in a major league, for the most part.


In conclusion, India has its own merits and setbacks to consider as it aims to become the Asian football power, one of the most prestigious status a country’s football teams could ever get. With great motivation, they could push forward to reaching the spot. It’s also very strategic to aim for the top 10 spots first before grabbing the whole title.

But it’s not just rainbows and butterflies, because there are still internal problems in the Indian football sphere. These problems are ongoing, especially with regards to adequate training that all Indian soccer players should get equally, which usually does not happen, resulting in some teams failing to meet the criteria and losing out early on the major leagues around. Will India ever become the Asian football power? The stakes are getting higher and higher.