Guardiola Mentions Haaland is Not at Messi Level

Guardiola is a man of good judgment. Not because of anything else but his extensive experience. He’s worked with so many players. And so, he can say something about them with a good basis. 

But more than his experience, he has had world class talents on his palms. One specific example is Messi. Guardiola trained Messi to become who he is today.

Haaland is not new to this system. Albeit he has the awards from the Premier League, Guardiola doesn’t see him like Messi. And that could only mean he’s not yet at the same level as he is.

How good is Haaland so far?

There’s a lot of things going on in this situation. But Guardiola still applauds Haaland to be a team player. But he didn’t end it. He’s a team player because he can’t be successful on his own. 

Guardiola also suggests that Haaland follows Messi’s position and how he scores. These things are quite obvious already. And there’s no problem with it. But to say that Haaland is “like Messi” is something Guardiola takes offense at. He mentions Haaland needs all his co-players to work for him to work. But Messi had his own abilities to score goals.

Guardiola as the judge

This issue came when Haaland scored another record in the Premier League. For his age, he’s been doing very well. In fact, some of his fans say Guardiola is only insecure about him. But others agree with Guardiola and do not take it as heavy as the fans.

Haaland still has something to say. But so far, there are no records for his reply. Albeit it hurts, Guardiola has a good eye for players with potential and those who need to build it more. And it looks like Haaland is still in the latter.

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