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First Week of February Transfer Gossips

If there’s anything that keeps the football scene controversial, it’s transfers of players that happen between clubs. Transfers are essential as its dictionary meaning suggests: moving out. In this case, clubs tell players to move out of the football club and go to another, but the decision solely lies on the player, if they want to move out or not. It’s more smooth-sailing than one could ever think.

Before, transfers would happen every after season, when there’s not much liability left for the player who’ll move to render to the team they’re leaving. But today, transfers can happen in a week, but mostly in a month. 

Every month, we bring you the hottest, latest, and most controversial transfers, transfer gossip and rumors, and controversies that you need to keep your eye on to keep up with the latest news and predictions in the sport. That said, you should also know that there are many ways in which players find a reason to move out of their club and move to the other; as well as clubs with trading and getting players with and from other football teams.

January brought some reasons for players to transfer, as well as some interaction that they have with other clubs. Seeing as this is something everyone waits for and observes along the way, here are some of the juiciest February transfer gossip that you should know in the first week of February. 

Reasons for transferring

There are many reasons why a player would transfer. But the most common reason has to do with these players getting better and lucrative wages when transferring. You have to remember that being an athlete and getting a name out of the sport you play means you take it as your career, which is the case for these players who transfer. The more known you are, the better the offers you get. If you’ve played for major leagues like the English Premier League (EPL), then you’re more likely to receive bigger offers.

The second reason has to do with getting more traction. A player who’s already known in one country might want to make a name in a different country. They also might think that there are better opportunities with less competition waiting for them there. This is more of a subjective and personal reason because those who do it tend to look at how they can earn more achievements, and sometimes it’s not with the team they have currently.

Lastly and something players and clubs don’t want as a reason for transferring, is controversies and infighting. It doesn’t look good but when a player just doesn’t get the vibe of the whole team, much more how they treat them, it can cause a huge controversy between the player the club, and the other players there.

The hottest transfers in the first week of February

Enough talking and more on the gossip. Even though it’s only been a week, February is bringing a lot of hot transfer rumors for you to enjoy. We’ve gathered tweets and observed behaviors following some news breaking here and there, and so let’s get into them.

  1. West Ham just got rejected by Leeds with their bid for Phillips

It’s no strange thing that Leeds would reject any offer for Phillips, seeing as he is one of the top layers for the team. But what makes it a spicy one has to do with the $74 million bid that West Ham just gave for Phillips. Yes, it’s totally one of the highest bids just in the second month of 2022. But more than that, Leeds refused because they want the midfielder to continue and help them survive in major leagues.

  1. Barcelona’s contract didn’t put a smile on Gavi’s face

The midfielder of Barcelona FC turned down the club’s offer for an extension. For Gavi, the team needed to give him a higher salary if they want him to stay. He is eyeing other teams open to give him an offer, but still gives a chance to his current team, Barcelona in hopes that they give him more than what they gave him earlier.

  1. Carlos Tevez might move to the US

Probably the juiciest one so far, but Carlos Tevez might make a move to the US in hopes of leaving the free-agent lifestyle since he left Boca Juniors in July last year. He is currently in talks with MLS team DC and it’s doing great, though the probability is only but 25%, and most of it has to do with the financial aspect of the agreement.

So, those are the three hottest rumours about a transfer this month of February. It’s not so far to see these things shift to another transfer situation, but before the month ends, there will be another set of gossip. So stay tuned!