Eden Hazard - A Gain or Loss for Real Madrid

Eden Hazard – A Gain or Loss for Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard has had an immensely frustrating three years at Real Madrid. Hazard, who was dubbed the “next Galactico” after his 120 million euro move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, has only scored six goals in three seasons for the Spanish club.

Eden Hazard’s career has been marked more by injuries than anything else, and the rise of Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo, and Federico Valverde (as a winger) has rendered him an afterthought this season. Madrid, however, will need someone to step up in the attack next season after the Kylian Mbappe deal fell through. Here are three reasons why Eden Hazard may be that player.

Eden Hazard was expected to deliver after making his dream move to Real Madrid in 2019. The Belgian forward was undoubtedly the best in his position, so it was a no-brainer for the club to bring him to the Santiago Bernabeu.

The transfer, unfortunately for him and Real Madrid, has been branded a flop. Hazard’s progress has been hampered by injuries, and he has never been able to hold down a spot as a result. Other players have progressed, such as Vinicius Junior, and he has continued to tumble down the pecking order.

Throughout the season, it appeared as if Real Madrid was willing to sell the attacker if a solid offer came in. That may still be the case, but all indications currently point to Hazard remaining at the club next season after Carlo Ancelotti confirmed his presence.

Eden Hazard wants to stay and is eager to establish himself next season, according to the manager. That is, however, something we have heard before. We first heard about it in the summers of 2020 and 2021. 

We’ll hear it again in 2022. With each passing season, the Belgian’s prospects become increasingly grim, particularly when considering the probable team Real Madrid will have next season.

What happened?

He might. Does this, however, imply that Hazard will be given the opportunity? Most likely not. Eden Hazard has no place in the club’s forward line, which includes Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio, Benzema, and potentially Mbappe. All of these players are currently better than the Belgian, regardless of how well he may perform in the future.

It’s worth mentioning that his most recent appearance, as a substitute versus Cadiz, went well, but that doesn’t imply he’ll be able to compete with the stronger teams or be consistent.

Personally, I believe Eden Hazard is remaining because Real Madrid is unable to locate a team willing to pay the transfer money and wage demands that this operation will entail.

That’s understandable; it’s difficult to put faith in a player who has battled injuries and limited playing time since 2019.

Los Blancos would likely want to free up Hazard’s wages, but they would also keep in mind that he is a player who is well-liked and respected within the club. He’s been a source of motivation and aid for many of the players, hasn’t caused any conflicts with other players or staff members, and is honestly trying his hardest to make his mark in what is undoubtedly his most challenging period.

Keeping Eden Hazard isn’t a major issue for the organisation, but it is a major concern for the player. He may genuinely believe he has what it takes to return to the top, but with the roster Real Madrid will have next season, it appears to be nearly impossible. To bench players like Vinicius, Rodrygo, or possibly Mbappe, you must be exceptional. That level of danger does not exist. That is the current reality of his predicament.

The transfer room for Eden Hazard

Chelsea earned a stunning £15 million from a clause in Eden Hazard’s contract following Real Madrid’s 1-0 Champions League victory over Liverpool on Saturday evening.

In total, the former Blues forward only played 83 minutes in the competition, with only eight minutes in the final rounds.

Los Blancos defeated all three of England’s top teams, including Chelsea, the former European champions, Paris Saint-Germain, and Inter Milan, the reigning Italian champions.

Eden Hazard reportedly received a £15 million reward from his former team following his current side’s European victory, according to MailOnline.

The money is due to a stipulation in the Belgian’s contract, which was signed in 2019 for a total of £103 million, including performance-related bonuses.

Eden Hazard has struggled to make an impact at Madrid, making just 66 appearances and scoring just six goals during his three-year stay.

With a fibula injury and the virus earlier in the season, he has spent much of the season on the bench.

He was out with muscular problems the previous season, which hampered his season and prevented him from gaining any momentum at the Bernabeu.

Reasons for staying

Eden Hazard is finally perfect to stay.

One thing has defined Eden Hazard’s time in Madrid above all else: injuries. He has been injured 16 times since entering in 2019. This is a huge number, and it’s understandable why he’s never been able to develop a stable shape.

The good news is that he appears to be in good shape following his most recent surgery, which removed a plate from his leg that had been implanted following a previous injury.

He now has the entire summer and preseason to get in shape and get back into playing shape, free of the plate in his leg, in order to start the season in top shape. Eden Hazard will play a few games for Belgium this summer, but he should use the time to recover and prepare in preparation for next season.

Eden Hazard’s motivation and weight have been a source of worry in previous seasons. Hazard, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be motivated to be in peak physical form by the start of next season in order to be fit for the World Cup in November, which could be Belgium’s final chance to win something. Hazard appears to be healthy and in the ideal frame of mind to return to form, something we have not been able to claim at any stage in his Madrid career.

Eden Hazard has the potential to be an attacker for Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez and his teammates were banking on Kylian Mbappe’s arrival this summer. That is not going to happen, since Mbappe recently inked a three-year deal with PSG.

Along with Benzema and Vinicius, Mbappe was intended to complete the offensive trifecta. There isn’t a clear attacking talent out there for Madrid to sign now that Erling Haaland has left the market. Hazard has a strong argument for stepping up and filling in as the third attacker.

Hazard has proved in his limited playing time this season that he is still a fantastic link-up player. Hazard looked slick on the ball in the second to last La Liga encounter against Cadiz, dropping off from the wing to combine midfield and attack play.

Eden Hazard’s link-up play can relieve pressure on Benzema and allow him to play in more dangerous situations higher up the pitch. Hazard’s ability to take on players one-on-one, along with his linkup play, would greatly improve Madrid’s offence and reduce their reliance on Benzema and Vinicius.

Luka Modric has been Madrid’s major source of creativity outside of those two. Despite the fact that Modric recently signed a one-year deal, it is hazardous to put too much faith in a 37-year-old.

The whole Real Madrid team likes him.

Despite his problems, it was clear during the post-Champions-League triumph celebrations how much the whole Madrid squad likes Hazard. The teammates mobbed Hazard and celebrated with him like he’d just scored a winning goal after he declared amid the festivities that he’d “give it his all next season.” 

Despite the fact that Hazard hasn’t played much this season, he’s managed to build close bonds with all of the players.

This type of bond between players is important both on and off the field. This Madrid team exudes a wonderful aura, with the best atmosphere of any Madrid team since the pre-Galactico period in the 1990s.

This is not a given, and there is always the possibility of disturbing the squad’s camaraderie and chemistry if Madrid decides to send Hazard out and bring in a new player, particularly if it is a high-profile star. Giving Hazard the opportunity to play as a third attacker poses little risk of upsetting the team, as it is evident that they all want to see him succeed.

Everyone admired Hazard’s positive attitude and willingness to play a supporting role this season, which is why I believe he has earned a chance to contend for a spot in Madrid front three.

Eden Hazard’s own doubts

Eden Hazard has admitted that he arrived at Real Madrid overweight and struggled to adjust during his first few months.

In June, the Belgium international signed a reputed €100 million agreement with Real Madrid, putting an end to months of speculation over his future.

Eden Hazard, who was dubbed the "next Galactico" after his 120 million euro move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, has only scored six goals in three seasons for the Spanish club.
Eden Hazard, who was dubbed the “next Galactico” after his 120 million euro move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, has only scored six goals in three seasons for the Spanish club.

Hazard’s competitive debut was postponed for many weeks owing to a pre-season muscle ailment, and he did not score his first goal until early October.

Hazard has now conceded that his weight increase was to blame for his poor start, as claimed by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Hazard told L’Equipe, “It’s true.” “I’m not going to hide it; when I’m on holiday, I’m on vacation; I’d gained five kg, but I’m the type of guy who can easily drop weight if I’m careful.

“I weighed 72 or 73 kilogrammes when I was 18 years old in Lille. On a good day, I weighed 75kg, and on a bad day, 77kg. This summer, I weighed 80 pounds and lost it in ten days.”

Hazard, who has one goal and two assists in his first 11 outings for Real Madrid, claims that his game is becoming better.

“I wasn’t good enough,” he says of his first few months in Spain’s capital “I told myself to get better at playing.


Real Madrid presently has Vinicius Junior on the left side, who is the lone occupant of that position. His season has been great, and he has earned the right to call that position his own. Hazard, on the other hand, is not the next name on the sheet if something goes wrong (such as injury or rest). Rodrygo Goes has really stepped up this season, and he’s had a big influence whenever he’s played on the left side. As a result, Hazard is ranked third on the list.

Let’s pretend he shifts his weight to the right. The problem is the same. Carlo Ancelotti prefers to play Federico Valverde on the right flank, but when he doesn’t, Rodrygo Goes fills in. Hazard would not be the third choice. Ancelotti would instead choose Marco Asensio. Many people have misgivings about Asensio, and it is unclear whether he will return to the club next season.

In any case, Asensio has been more available this season and has had some fantastic moments in front of goal. He’s our league’s third-leading goal scorer, which has to count for something.