Division of Opinions about Christiano Ronaldo’s statue in India continues

Christiano Ronaldo Statue Established in Goa Divides the Opinions of Indians

Just recently, a statue of the world-renowned football player Christiano Ronaldo was established in Goa, India. The 400-kilogram statue of Ronaldo is supposed to serve as a way to show how the city loves football, with the world-famous football player in the statue. The local government also argues that it should be seen as an inspiration, especially for the young kids who aspire to be professional football players. 

Despite the message, protests started to appear in less than a week, wanting the statue to be out of the city’s public space. The protesters have been flagging for the removal of the statue and changing the icon into one that is an Indian soccer icon. The backlash still lasts today, and opinions on social media flood the Indian timeline.

The reason stems from the fact that an Indian soccer player could have been sculptured instead. Not only was this a show of ignorance to the already-famous Indian football players, but this is also not a good sign of taking pride in one’s own nation, especially since colonial roots still dominate much of the country’s region where Goa is located.

To better understand the issue, one should know about India’s recognition problem, as well as the other impacts of having someone like Christiano Ronaldo as a statue in Goa, India. Tune in to find out more about this topic.

India and its soccer recognition problem

Imagine spending thousands, if not millions on a statue that would only breed division. The problem of spending this much was that it was put to someone who plays outside India, and was a former colonizer of Goa. People feel disgusted by this kind of idolization that the local government unit put up.

Although some people believe that there is nothing wrong with the statue being Christiano Ronaldo as he is already known worldwide, many Indians think that the larger social context for them, where so many Indian players who could’ve been the next Ronald but wasn’t given a chance to be him, drop out because of the lack of recognition and resources for them to thrive.

People are saying that if the local government really wants to promote the sport more and inspire the younger generation to continue the legacy and the city’s love for the sport, then they should just invest in infrastructure and training spaces for these demographics. A statue remains a statue having no bearing on the future of India’s beloved sport.

And the effects of the statue is worse, according to the fans, because India has always been around there for their local and international favorites, but there is just no use for these people to find inspiration for their country or themselves looking at the man who first made the billion in the soccer field.

Christiano Ronaldo in Goa

In the most forgiving sense, the people who protest just want to forward something about national interest. India is one country that already has the inspiration they need to play the sport. But the reality is that when they pursue that dream or aspiration of becoming a soccer player, the lack of resources and funding for the players make it hard for them to continue.

Goa is known as a city that loves football so much. There have been colonized traits that make up for this enthusiasm they have today. And the city is trying to reclaim back its identity, especially after knowing that they can celebrate their love for the sport without having anyone outside India dictate it to them or the kids.

Ronaldo’s statue has been of great controversy not because Indians hate him, but because the local government and the whole state were ignorant of the Indian soccer players who also made it. Maybe not making a billion from the sport, but are taken to be India’s national pride as they play in the international scene.

But also, there is a need for infrastructure to increase and innovate in Goa, and the building of Ronaldo’s statue was expensive enough that the downpayment for a stadium could’ve been made already. For the people in Goa, this is a big miss of what the younge

The current state of the protests

The protests are becoming smaller and smaller since the first week of January, but the flame it has on digital platforms stays the same. Protests are flagging for the renewal of the statue if the state can’t let the statue go away, but this time with Indian favorites like Samir Naik or Bruno Coutinho who have represented India in many ways already. The protest stands firm, they want to take pride in their own icons.