ATK Mohun Bagan Gets a Frustrating Draw Against Mumbai City FC

ATK Mohun Bagan draws against Mumbai City FC

Frustrating. That was the only reaction that Juan Ferrando, the coach of ATK Mohun Bagan, had for the draw against Mumbai City FC. Just yesterday, both the teams capped off the round with a 1-1 draw in the Indian Super League. But there’s simply more to what happened with ATK Mohun Bagan, and why it was a frustrating draw for their coach.

The truth is, they had two chances of getting the goal for themselves. ATK Mohun Bagan got a goal during the early time, but they first didn’t make that a win to their team and ended the round. Moreover. The team failed in getting another win for them since they continued playing.

This spin on self-interest and poor risk management is what resulted in the loss, according to the coach. He feels that whilst it was totally valid that the team aims to prove themselves more, the team set themselves too relaxed because of one goal, which the other team could get if they wanted so easily.

Overall, the team is said to have lacked the precision, foregoing a point or two that could have added to their team’s ranking in such a major league like the ISL. Reparations for what happened will be hard to take for the team now since they’re lacking a lot of manpower due to numerous injuries occurring amongst the players throughout the competition.

The Prospects for the ATK Mohun Bagan

Every point counts. For ATK Mohun Bagan, it was a chance to secure themselves a win for their following rounds. Ferrando says that this opportunity of winning that was left out in the field is frustrating because of how bad the prospects have turned for the team in the next rounds.

As mentioned, there have been lapses in the team. Most of the players who are first in the line-up are injured, and even if they try to play, their conditions do not meet what is necessary to be in the field. There’s also a lot of talk regarding how it would take 15 days for the players, especially the centre-forward to work their way up towards playing for the team again.

But no one really knows what is up for the team, because whilst some of the players are injured or won’t be playing, there is still a big pool of potential players who can continue with the game. The game has been a frustrating one for the team, especially for the coach, but Ferrando believes that it would be unfair to settle on that feeling alone.

The question of whether ATK Mohun Bagan will be able to make it is one that no one can answer right now. But for sure, getting a draw on a round that could have saved them a score is something many didn’t find appealing to the round that took place just yesterday. ATK Mohun Bagan still has the positive prospects ore than the negative ones around.