Antonio Conte to Leave Spurs Out of Dissatisfaction

Former Spurs manager Tim Sherwood has told anyone willing to listen that ex-Chelsea boss Antonio Conte will leave Tottenham out of dissatisfaction if they fail to keep up their early season momentum.

“I think he’ll (Conte) go if results don’t go well for him—he’s not going to hang around if he doesn’t think he can get into that top four,” Sherwood told Love Sport Radio.

“If Tottenham were to finish outside the Champions League, I don’t see how he’d be able to stay there because coaching Chelsea is a whole lot easier than coaching Tottenham.”

Well, there you have it Spurs fans. It’s entirely possible that Conte may leave you to return to Stamford Bridge if he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Daniel Levy over the future direction of the club.

It’s not like Chelsea haven’t made their feelings known about Antonio Conte in recent days, offering him a £6 million pay-off despite the fact that they’re still holding out hope that he might stay.

The Blues still think that Conte will change his mind before the end of the season, but if he walks out in May, Levy can expect plenty of phone calls inquiring about who might be available next.

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is a famous Italian football manager and former footballer who has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He was born on September 17, 1969, in Lecce, Italy. He made his senior debut playing for local side Lecce at the age of 16. He turned professional in 1989.

Conte started his club career in Lecce (1987–91). He made his Serie A debut on 6 November 1989, aged 19, against Inter. Conte became a regular in the backline for Lecce and was noted for his leadership qualities even at such an early age.

Antonio Conte is a famous Italian football manager and former footballer.

Conte’s playing career was primarily spent at Lecce, bar a season at US Avellino (1989-90). He retired in 2004 after a season with Verona, the club he had joined four years prior. He also became involved with managing at the youth level of Lecce. Conte became part of the coaching staff at Siena, where he worked with youth teams. He also earned his first senior role as head coach of Serie B side Arezzo. His only other experience as a head coach before arriving at Juventus was for two seasons with Bari.

Antonio Conte’s main honours as a player include an Italian Cup, two Serie B titles, and promotion to Serie A. He also won several caps for Italy during his playing career.

Performance of Spurs

“It’s tiring me out honestly,” Antonio Conte told reporters today about his situation at Spurs. “I don’t know if I’ll even be able to start next season here given how much I’m expected to change this team. We’re expected to challenge for the title, yet we’re only three points off of Liverpool in 5th after all.”

Conte’s time at Spurs may be coming to an end sooner than he anticipated if Mauricio Pochettino does indeed take over this summer. It was reported by several different news agencies that Conte told several members of his staff that he couldn’t “take another minute” with the club. The Italian manager then went on to tell reporters that “We’ll see what happens”, which could potentially mean that Conte is trying to force Daniel Levy into giving him a better deal. Whether or not this means anything remains to be seen, but it should reach some kind of conclusion within the next month or two.

“It’s been a tough season for me, being here at Tottenham,” Conte added. “I have a lot of potentials and I just need the chance to show that.”

Conte says that he is not going anywhere today before then letting out a sigh and saying “Well, I might as well leave now then…” This situation will be interesting to watch as it unfolds in the coming days.


Antonio Conte has the experience and confidence to take on a big project, but he needs to feel that it can be done. If things start badly for him at Spurs, there is every chance that he could have doubts about the club’s future.

Looking at the Spurs squad, it’s difficult to see where exactly they would go from there. The club has a solid base and some brilliant players in their ranks, but they don’t have any world-class superstars. That could be Conte’s main concern if he takes over at the club, as he will expect them to be one of the top sides in England with his guidance.

He is used to winning trophies but he has found it difficult at Chelsea, so if Spurs fail to reach the big time under Conte, everyone can see him walking away from White Hart Lane. 

As for the Spurs, the club is in a great position and doesn’t need to panic. They will be heading into next season with their current setup and that should be enough for them to mount a challenge. It looks like they will see out Conte’s contract and then move on without him if he isn’t happy about things.