Akash Mishra Found in the FIFA 22 Team This Week

Akash Mishra Found in the FIFA 22 Team This Week

Akash Mishra, Hyderabad’s left-back and defense, just got featured in EA Sports’ multiplayer game FIFA 22 Team this week. Following this achievement, Mishra has become the talk of the Indian soccer communities on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

What makes it better is how Mishra is the first Indian, and quite possibly the youngest one to have been registered in the game. This is an amazing feat for the whole Indian soccer community. But there’s more to what we should be looking at Mishra.

The FIFA 22 Team

EA Sports released the FIFA 22 Team of the Week, which is a virtual game where the simulation shows real-life individuals in the game. This is a prestigious recognition, considering that there was greater representation put to the Indian soccer base, as well as for Akash Mishra or Hyderabad FC to be included.

Just yesterday, Indian fans have been loud and boisterous on social media platforms, celebrating this visibility given to Mishra by the multiplayer game. More than being the first Indian to be put to the simulation, Akash Mishra is also one of the youngest, with only being 20 years old and achieving such for himself and India.

Mishra is still considered as the first Indian to have been part of the 23-individual team for the game, even if French midfielder Hugo Boumous was the first player from the Indian Super League (ISL) to have been featured by the game in the 15th week of the game.

On Tuesday, Mishra has been key to Hyderabad FC’s 5-0 win against NorthEast. He was also able to share one goal with Bartholomew Ogbeche’s record, along with making sure that Hyderabad is able to continue with having a top spot in the Indian Super League.

Who is Akash Mishra?

As one of India’s rising stars, Mishra is a first-tier player for Hyderabad FC until May of 2023. Garnering a total of 13 appearances, two goals, and three assists, the defender and left-black are very young yet very talented in the soccer sport. And this is not something new to his loyal fans, because Mishra has been long part of the under-20 football team in the country before.

In his senior status in the field, he has been on the list of the 35 members of prospective team players for the country, proving their gameplay against Oman and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Regarding his style, he’s very much called a quiet player, but one of the best talents of India in football.

Looking ahead

As a left-back, people see him as a very prolific player, and with his age, he will be able to achieve more. He will not only go into the ranks of the World Cup playoffs but also win. Manolo Marquez, his head coach, praises him for his debut as a senior player, and for all that he has achieved with his current status.