Soccer Bet types

Soccer bets are wagers that fans place based on the gameplay they see on the soccer pitch. Soccer (football) is a spectator sport known across the globe. Soccer venues regularly attract more than 20,000 fans for each soccer match played.

While soccer betting has been around for centuries, it has become increasingly more popular with soccer fans in recent years. Soccer bets can be placed on matches for money through online soccer betting sites or in person at venues across the world.

The following article aims to show bettors the different kinds of soccer bet types available out there for their choosing. With the numerous varieties of soccer betting, one is sure to find something that caters to their enjoyment. 

Soccer Bet Types & Basics

A soccer bet is simply a prediction that two soccer teams are going to be matched up. The soccer match may have already begun, or it may be scheduled for the future. Soccer predictions can often determine if this game is worth betting on (such as if one team has high odds over another).

The motivation behind soccer betting is that you can gain profit through bets by predicting a team’s performance, soccer player statistics, etc. 

Types of Soccer Betting

Mainly, in soccer terms, there are Full-Time result soccer picks and Half Time soccer picks. These two types of soccer betting, when used correctly, can produce soccer betting success.

A soccer bet is simply a prediction that two soccer teams are going to be matched up.

Full-Time Result

These are soccer bets made after the full 90 minutes have been played. These soccer bets can be made easily by predicting if either team will win or draw (this is also called soccer parlays and soccer teasers ).

When betting on Full-Time soccer results, it is crucial that you determine if the soccer bet has any value or not; i.e., will either team score at all during the game (in 90 minutes)? If this soccer bet does have value, you will need to work out the odds of either soccer team scoring.

Half Time Result

These are soccer bets that are done before the full 90 minutes have been played. This soccer betting type is not soccer parlays; it is a bet on queries such as will there be a goal in the first 5 minutes? Or if one soccer team will be able to win by two goals?

This kind of bet provides you with a better chance of winning and gaining some profit, but you will need to take in many things into account, such as both soccer teams involved in a particular match and their history.

Other Kinds of Soccer Bets

Other than the two mentioned above, there are other various forms of betting one could get into. There’s the double chance, in-running betting, and scorecast betting, among others. This kind of variation present in soccer betting provides bettors creative and innovative ways to use their money–as well as to get some money. 

Double Chance

An example of soccer double chance betting would be two teams playing against each other. If one team wins, you get all your money back and then some. If the draw comes, then half your bet is returned to you while the rest of your bet is lost. You can find double chance betting in a wide range of different soccer matches in a variety of leagues around the world.

The idea behind double chance betting in soccer matches is that it makes bets more interesting and increases potential winnings for bettors with the presence of more options. It’s always a surprise when two evenly matched opponents face off against each other. In fact, many people who regularly bet on soccer matches prefer double chance betting to straight bettings.

In this kind of betting, you can choose between two options: draw no bet and W/D/L. The draw no bet option for double chance betting is where half your wager will be refunded upon the announcement of a draw. Double chance betting using the W/D/L option means that if your team wins but doesn’t manage to score at least two goals, then your entire wager will be lost. On the other hand, if your team not only wins but also manages to score at least two goals, then you’ll get back 100 per cent of your soccer double chance bet amount plus the winnings.

Goal Scorer

The only way that soccer games end in draws is when no goal has been scored on both teams by the end of the customary regulation time (90 minutes). This means that soccer betting on which player will score the next goal is very popular among bettors wanting to make some money from soccer bets. Information on who leads each league in scoring often leads to lucrative soccer betting opportunities. 

Professional soccer leagues and competitions offer great bets and odds. This is because goal scorers are the players that win soccer games as often as they lose them, which makes soccer betting on who will score the next goal very popular among soccer punters. Soccer bettors place bets based on past performance, player form, and injuries, as well as other factors such as home ground advantage and weather conditions. 

In Goalscorer betting, bookmakers offer a variety of prices for a number of key players across various leagues around the world – whether it be in Europe or North America – including forwards, midfielders, and defenders. It is not uncommon to find markets for total goals scored by a particular team, but the best soccer bets are also available for individual soccer players to score the next goal in a soccer game. 

Live Soccer Bet

Live soccer betting is when you place bets on the soccer game that is currently taking place. This kind of betting is relatively new and is popular as it completely alters the dynamic of wagering on a sporting event.

In lieu of making predictions before a game begins, you may watch a portion of it and then make judgments depending on how the opposing teams are performing on their respective teams’ separate fields. This provides you with more up-to-date knowledge to work with. This aspect of live betting makes it simpler to make decisions and bets that can win you some well-earned profits.

This is a particularly exciting form of betting, as the greater the amount of information available to you, the easier it is to make a winning bet. You’ll be able to examine how the players are performing individually as well as how they are performing as a team. You’ll gain some insight into how they’re approaching the games and what kind of style they’re putting into place.

All of this information is quite valuable when making betting judgments, and it is all easily accessible. You may listen to games on the radio, watch them on television, or even read real-time updates on the internet as they are taking place.


In the United Kingdom and Ireland, parlays are frequently referred to as an accumulator or “Acca.” In Europe, they are referred to as a “multiple.” 

You will need the best soccer betting tips for you to gain some profit from this. If any of your predictions prove to be incorrect, your wager will be forfeited. If you get them all right, the money you make from each winning pick is essentially a wager on the next, and your total return may be quite considerable if you are successful.

There are two key reasons why accumulators are so popular with bettors:

First, they are consistently profitable. The potential benefits can be substantial because of the long odds that numerous choices may create, to begin with. 

Second, they may be amusing and even extremely fascinating at times. When bets are received at different times, it creates a sense of urgency amongst the participants. As a result, if they are all going place at the same time, there will be lots of excitement and spillage as bettors check in to see how all of their wagers are faring in the process.


Scorecast betting in soccer requires decisions based on predictions. This requires broad knowledge, research, a deep understanding, and an overall grasp of the soccer game. As a result, experienced bettors tend to avoid this kind of betting unless it is recreational.

It’s difficult to predict who will score the opening goal in a soccer game. Accurately predicting the end result is difficult. Is it possible to properly predict both of these things in the same game? Yes, but the chances are very minimal. 

Even if your predictions are correct, you’ll need a lot of luck to win one of these bets. No matter how much information you know about soccer, there is no guarantee of producing accurate scorecast predictions consistently.

The likelihood of huge payouts is one of the key attractions for casual gamblers to the scorecast wager. To make matters worse, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get any of them right. In return, you’ll be paid handsomely, but you stand to lose much more if you’re incorrect.


Being an outright bet or futures bet means that you are betting on an entire event and not just on one specific game. 

Instead of picking one team out of a match, you pick out who is going to win in a whole season or event. For example, if you bet on Barcelona winning the Champions League this year, you will lose your bet if Barcelona does not make it to the final.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

In Total Goals betting, you bet whether the total goals will be more or less than the set number. If your soccer bet is more, you win. In the soccer betting strategy of Total Goals over/under setting, you need to determine if a soccer game will have more or fewer total goals scored compared to the baseline for soccer bets Total Goals under/over, which is 2½.

There is a method involved in making the necessary forecasts, as opposed to the others that cannot simply be predicted. It is feasible to accurately predict how many goals will be scored in a game if the appropriate elements are taken into account.

Here are some soccer game score tips which you can follow when betting Total Goals over/under soccer:

  • Check the soccer teams playing. Even if they are in different leagues, their scores still will be compared. Knowing the soccer team’s goal-scoring abilities can help you decide for yourself the best bet.
  • Check soccer teams’ current soccer game standing. This helps you determine which team can win a game even though they have different soccer leagues.
  • Check the soccer players’ performance and who will play on a matchday. 
  • Learn about the team’s last soccer match against other soccer teams. Soccer Total Goals line knowledge is important when playing soccer bets. Knowing the result of their last soccer games will help you predict game outcomes and win a bet.

After learning about soccer betting strategies, you will be able to predict for yourself which soccer team can win at the end of the game.

Final Thoughts

With all this information about the types of soccer betting, we can assure you that as a bettor, you know better. You can choose however you want to enjoy your time watching soccer and betting. But as always in this lucrative trade, it is always best to note the risk, as well as the reward.