Best Soccer Betting Strategy

Betting on soccer is an increasingly popular market, one which both accumulates many betting losses and large sportsbooks’ margins due to the uncertain nature of results. Many bettors are attracted by betting offers or promotions that are offered by different betting sites, where one free bet for new customers, cashback specials, or other attractive features are offered by betting firms in the hope to entice customers away from competitors.

All across the internet, betting advice and tips are available for anyone’s consumption. Some people use these tips, while others consider it worthless, focusing more upon statistical analysis of past games to help them come to a betting decision.

Whatever your approach may be in regards to soccer betting strategies, betting on soccer is an extremely popular market that holds the same stakes as with any other sport. Meaning, you can win some, you can lose some. Whatever is the case, it’s always worth the risk to get you some profit. Life, after all, is a gamble.

Best Soccer Betting Strategies

The bets involve predicting the outcome of one or more matches/games and may involve betting on league standings (or league tables), individual match winner, correct scoreline, half-time result, total number of corner kicks in a game, and others.

“Premium” Betting 

Many types of soccer bets exist today. Soccer betting strategies and formulas are used by firms and other serious bettors in order to gain an advantage over other bettors. They utilize mathematical principles based upon how soccer events have turned out in the past. These calculations come together through complex algorithms set up by betting firms’ sportsbooks.

Soccer betting tips are betting advice provided by betting firms in order to promote betting on soccer-related events.

Soccer betting tips are betting advice provided by betting firms in order to promote betting on soccer-related events. Betting tips may be seen as ‘premium betting’ content, where the betting firm is betting that the betting tip will give them an edge over competitors because of their knowledge of statistics and betting trends, providing high-value content through nice website design and well-thought-out articles about upcoming games.

This type of service is not always free (some companies offer it for a fee), but some other websites make these tips public or even accessible after signing up for an account. Despite this, choosing good bets can prove difficult due to the unpredictable nature of soccer results, with many gamblers losing more than winning when following betting tips.

Statistics vs. Heuristics

Though there are many different soccer betting strategies out there today, all have one thing in common – they’re trying to predict the outcome of future games based upon knowledge gained from betting in the past or betting trends.

Soccer betting strategies can be divided into two separate groups: soccer betting strategies utilizing mathematical principles and those based upon heuristics used by one’s own betting experience.

Statistical Betting

Mathematical soccer betting strategies use statistical data to calculate events such as probabilities of a goal being scored, number of corners during a game, total shots on goal, etc. This type of betting strategy is usually more popular with gamblers who bet alongside other gambling friends, where sportsbooks’ margins are not considered large enough compared to other betting options available for them at that moment. 

Betting firms provide different types of statistics and information about upcoming games and leagues through their betting sites, allowing visitors to make bets with higher chances of winning. This is in hopes to get the best soccer betting strategy they could with the information they have. Some betting firms offer access to betting tips through their betting sites as well, providing soccer betting strategies that can be utilized as betting advice for those willing to pay a monthly fee for these premium services.

Mathematical betting strategies can be divided into three main groups: 

  • Betting on home win/draw/away win results;
  • Statistical comparison of two teams;
  • Betting based upon previous results and current match conditions.

This is the most simple and popular strategy used by soccer bettors around the world today. Home advantage plays a significant role in determining whether betting on home wins is favorable or not.

This section will give helpful information about how to predict outcomes of games played at an arena with a higher probability than others (home-field advantage) and what betting strategies to use to bet successfully on soccer betting 

The main idea behind betting on home win results is that the team has a better chance of winning in their home ground than when playing away, increasing their chances for success through 3 factors: 

  1. Familiar ground surroundings
  2. Support from the crowd 
  3. Psychological advantage gained by knowing how much effort to put into a game.

If these conditions are present, betting on teams with these conditions could prove beneficial to betting firms’ odds and yield higher betting yields. This makes it your goal as a bettor not only to find betting tips about games where you can put your money on the home team to win but betting tips about teams that will utilize their home-field advantage (therefore increasing betting yields).

European betting firms suggest betting on home win results for games where they give higher probabilities of success for home teams. Backing your own opinion with logical reasoning is an important factor when betting with betting companies that offer soccer betting strategies through free betting tips; if you can prove why you believe a team will win, it will increase your chances of finding profitable bets.

Draw Strategy

The idea behind betting on draws is rather simple: betting firm odds are more likely to make incorrect predictions than not, making bettors benefit from underserved odds offered by sportsbooks. As seen in the betting tips section, betting on a draw in a soccer game is not nearly as common among bettors as betting on home win or away win. This fact alone makes betting firms less likely to offer correct odds for draws, making it an attractive option for bettors looking to find advice about betting on underdogs and betting based upon previous results of the team playing.

There are many reasons why betting firms do not provide betting strategies around betting draws. One being that most sportsbooks have been found to give incorrect probabilities when it comes to predicting a draw in a soccer match. Withdrawing money from sportsbooks after winning with their mistaken predictions has become a popular sport among gamblers in recent years, increasing the number of bets where the betting yield is higher than usual (betting on betting firms’ mistakes).

Specific betting strategies exist for betting draws, but there are no set rules to follow. It depends entirely on the reasoning for betting on a draw in a particular soccer game. Oftentimes it’s done because of previous results between the two teams playing or current match conditions that support betting on a draw. However, even though soccer betting strategies exist for betting on underdogs, they do not follow any set guidelines.

The idea behind statistical comparison analysis is based upon determining which team has more possibilities of winning the game through players’ personal statistics and/or direct comparisons between both teams. Although accounting for these factors can increase your chances of winning when betting tips are found on the firms’ mistakes, betting on results based solely on statistics is not as reliable as betting on draws and underdogs.

Underdog Strategy

Though it is not exactly a safe betting strategy, the underdog is a possible option with the most advantageous odds. Winning a bet on the underdog is always more profitable than winning the same bet on the favored. The fact that there is an underdog doesn’t necessarily mean an outcome to the bettor’s favor is extremely implausible. A little underdog might have equal odds on both sides, whereas a large underdog has a much higher expectation of winning. Both types of underdogs are possible.

If the underdog has a better chance of winning, your payoff may be bigger.

In order to compensate for the difference in value between the favorite and underdog, odds are used. Because the sportsbook has unlimited control over the odds, it’s important to keep in mind that their primary purpose here is profit.

Among the ways in which this is accomplished is by balancing the bets on both sides of the majority of the wagers. As a result, they try to set the odds in a way that will entice gamblers to wager on both sides. Action on either side of a bet assures that the sportsbook profited regardless of the outcome of the bet since the sportsbook charged a fee.

This is one of the reasons sportsbooks would adjust their betting lines. There is a possibility that the sportsbook will modify the odds in favor of the underdog if a large number of people bet on the favorite.

Other Strategic Tips to Scale the Odds on Your Favor

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

When betting on teams with lower probabilities of success, do not place all your bets on that team; betting firms will take advantage of your overconfidence, and it can lead to you losing a lot of money. You should stick to occasionally betting on underdog teams until you find a betting strategy for betting on underdogs that works for you.

Think like a Sportsbook

This strategy encourages you to be in a particular mindset. Knowing how sportsbooks think and what they believe gives you an advantage when it comes to placing wagers and winning money. Soccer betting strategies exist for this very reason; consider all betting tips about betting on underdogs or betting tips found about betting on draws before betting, so you don’t lose money.

Betting Calculators

Although soccer betting is all about the thrill of winning, you should always remember that statistics and betting calculators are your best friends when it comes to betting. They help lessen the risk of losing money by providing data that can be used throughout your betting decisions. Best bet calculator apps for Android & iOS also exist; they’re just as good as any professional soccer betting strategy for making bets.

Final Thoughts

Soccer betting can be a lot of fun if you know what to do, but only if you utilize good soccer betting strategies and analyze data before placing bets. It is best to remember that there isn’t really a pure strategy to win soccer bets unless you cheat. You just have to make the best of the information that you have and roll the dice.