Basic Soccer Betting Tips

If you are new to soccer betting, it can be intimidating considering all the numbers and signs all over the betting board. There will also be unfamiliar terms and lingos, especially if you are not into authentic soccer or football games. But all in all, soccer betting is actually simple if you know its basics. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on soccer betting. Enjoy these soccer betting tips before you jump into the real world of soccer gambling.

Simple Soccer Betting Strategy Tips

There are two types of bettors in sports betting: casual and full-time. Considering a newbie, I assume you would be a casual bettor and could eventually become a full-time one once you become well-versed in the sport. As a casual bettor, you do soccer betting for fun, and you avoid the big wagers as it involves a lot of money and focus. You find entertainment in winning bets, but the money involved is part of your petty cash and not a huge chunk of your bank account.

The first free soccer betting tip I would give is identifying the different wagers available for soccer betting. There are a lot of wagers you can choose from, and you have to familiarize yourself one by one, so you can decide which is perfect for your betting approach and gambling budget. There are hundreds of games happening daily, and if you multiply it to the number of wagers available in soccer betting, then the product is a big number. You can’t definitely bet on all these wagers. That is why you trim down your wager options and limit yourself betting to choices favorable to you.

Different Kinds of Soccer Bets

The most basic wager in soccer is the win-draw-win option. This option is where a majority of the bets are placed. This wager has three choices: home team, draw, and visitor. You can look at the odds for guidance and notice that the more popular team always gets the more favorable odds. Home teams are also favorable because of the home-court advantage and fans. Keep in mind that the odds are just tips. It is still up to you where to place your bet. Winners will be based on whoever wins the game, and if there is a tie score at the end of regulation, then bettors who went for the tie option win.

Enjoy these soccer betting tips before you jump into the real world of soccer gambling.

Another standard wager you should get to know is the double chance. Much like the name suggests, you have two chances to win this game. The board gives three betting options; you pick two as your bet. If either of the two is part of the outcome, you win the game. The double chance wager is a popular choice for beginners because of its high probability of winning. It is a safe choice for betting, but this game’s prizes are also relatively low compared to more complex wagers. 

The last safe wager option I can give is the “Draw No Bet” wager. You have to choose either the home team or the visitor as your bet in this game. You cannot place your bet on the draw option as the name of this wager suggests. However, if the game ends up in a tie, otherwise, the dealer will return your money. The Draw No Bet wager is heavily popular among beginners and nonchalant bettors due to its simple rules.

Lastly, the most complex of all wagers is the handicap, wherein an advantage or handicap is awarded to a particular team to leverage the matchup. Here is a perfect example. If two teams with opposite standings face each other, extra goals are awarded to the inferior team, or vice versa, wherein the superior team has deducted goals. These handicaps apply to the final scores. If the said game ends up in a tie, then the inferior team wins the wager because of the handicap awarded (extra goals to the inferior team or deducted goals to the superior team).

There are several more types of wagers in the world of soccer betting, but let us cover the basic wagers only. The remaining ones have complex rules and are not applicable for beginners. Let us stick to the ones mentioned above in this article of online soccer betting tips.

Analyzing Your Picks

There are a lot of factors to consider when you make your pick in online soccer betting. You can’t rely on your instincts every time out, and let luck play it out for you. That will not be fun if you continue gambling in the long run. These factors can increase or decrease a soccer team’s winning chances and may help you make your bets. In this section, let us discuss factors you need to consider when betting on online soccer games.

The team’s current roster is a big factor for game results. For example, when a championship-caliber team gets depleted because of injuries, they are forced to play with their reserves and bench players. During that time, even if their soccer team is very popular, they will most likely lose to the opposing team due to their decimated roster. If you aren’t updated on league injuries and updates, you could pick the more popular team and end up losing your bet because you did not know they were missing key players.

These days, professional soccer leagues have implemented health protocols against the COVID-19 virus. Players get tested for the virus before participating in practices and the games. Even the world’s biggest football stars aren’t safe from going positive in the swab tests. Players who have positive results are quarantined right away and could miss multiple games. Staying updated for soccer rosters is key to making online soccer bets. You right away gain the upper hand with this knowledge and take advantage of poorly placed odds.

Another factor you should watch out for are head-to-head records of teams. There are times in football wherein a very dominant team always loses to a particular soccer team that is not overall great. The latter serves as the weakness of the dominant team and odds are against their favor in this matchup. This is the reason why you see head-to-head records when looking for soccer tips and betting guides. Checking current rosters on top of head-to-head records provide great assistance on where to bet on for a certain matchup.

The factors we have discussed so far rely on statistics. On this next one, we dig deeper into the game of soccer and check for tangible factors. Style of play is a betting factor that is a bit complex for beginners. However, if you are familiar with soccer or are following any professional football league, then this should not be an issue for you. Even though playing style analysis is totally subjective, it can still be significant to your betting choices. Your analysis can be tweaked later on as you stay longer in the online betting scene and get more results in the future.

Most online soccer betting tips suggest to focus on the game speed and pace that a particular team dictates during their games. There are teams who are constantly on the offensive side of things and are relentless in attacking the goal. On the contrary, there are also defense-oriented teams that focus on stopping the opposing team by not allowing them to gain their pace or disrupt their offensive flow. Most of the time, when two heavy offense teams are matched against each other, the scores could be big for a regular soccer match and vice versa when it comes to defensive teams pitted against each other.

There are a lot more factors that can be considered when choosing bets for soccer games. However, the ones mentioned above are the most basic and critical. As you go along with online soccer betting, you start to be more advanced and dig into other factors to help decide your picks. You may now look at the team’s schedules and check if they are fatigued or well-rested. You can also check the weather during the game day as it can affect players’ performances.


The main takeaway of this online soccer betting tips article is to teach you the basics and nature of the sport. You should not jump in and start placing bets if you do not have basic knowledge of the game that you are playing. Considering there are two different things to learn here: the sport of soccer and the online betting aspect of soccer.

If you want to win at soccer online betting, then the essential soccer betting tips given above should be a good start for your online betting career. Your main goal is to score regular and consistent winnings out of the games. The enjoyment and entertainment factor is simply a bonus. Obviously, you will progress later on and become more advanced and technical in making your bets. However, the basics you have learned here already serve as the foundation for your decision-making prowess on soccer betting in the future.

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